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What is River Miles?

If you had a boat and a river, where would you go?

At Rivermiles, we get to answer that question every week. Join Jodi and Scott as they explore our nation's waterways to find interesting people, places and adventures. If they can stand to spend days together on a small boat, you can surely stand to spend a half hour with them, once a week.

Cast and Crew

Scott Mansker and Jodi Pfefferkorn

Jodi Pfefferkorn and Scott Mansker hopelessly lost in "Let's Go to the Ozarks"

Jodi Pfefferkorn was born and raised in Chaffee, Missouri near the Mississippi River. As a young girl, she was embarrassingly strong and often humiliated the boys of her town by whooping them in arm wrestling. After an all-star career as a softball player in high school and college, Jodi decided she should learn how to make a living doing something she truly loves and to share that love with others. Until she figures all that out, she’s fine to ride around on a boat and film stuff.

Scott Mansker first travelled the Missouri River in 1989. Since Jodi was only 6 then and couldn’t hold a camera, nobody filmed this trip. This is a shame because it was really, really good. When he’s not on the river Scott is cleaning up from just getting off the river. He also teaches for the Olathe School District unless they somehow find out about the show and do the math on his use of sick days.