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What is River Miles?

If you had a boat and a river, where would you go?

At Rivermiles, we get to answer that question every week. Join Jodi and Scott as they explore our nation's waterways to find interesting people, places and adventures. If they can stand to spend days together on a small boat, you can surely stand to spend a half hour with them, once a week.


Excerpts from the show…

Season 1 Episodes:

“Let’s Drink River Water”

Scott and Jodi travel from KC to Jefferson City to see how cities take raw water from the Missouri River and turn it into clean water for drinking. Also, they help build a tunnel going UNDER the river. It’s dark, it’s wet, it’s dangerous…it’s Rivermiles.

“Let’s Mitigate”

Join Jodi and Scott as they explore new chutes and islands the river is creating with a little help from the Army Corps of Engineers. All in an effort to restore habitat for wildlife and ease downstream flooding. Guest starring the endangered Pallid Sturgeon.

“Let’s Clean Up the River”

Your Rivermiles Crew takes their shortest trip ever, working the Kansas City Riverfront on a mission to clean up trash with Missouri River Relief. Guest starring about 500 muddy but happy volunteers.

“Let’s Go to the Ozarks”

The Osage River is one of the largest tributaries of the Missouri River. And much of it is harnessed for electricity creating two BIG Missouri lakes. This week, Scott and Jodi journey to the Lake of the Ozarks and explore it’s shores checking out canoe races, honky tonks and hydroelectric dams.

“Let’s Go to St. Charles”

Historic St. Charles has plenty to offer two weary travelers after a 340 mile boat ride. Mostly, a chance to get away from each other. Jodi tours the Lewis and Clark Boathouse while Scott tours an underground wine cellar, but they reunite to learn how to make fire without matches. And apparently without smoke, flame or heat.

“Let’s Go to Lawrence”

Boating 50 miles upstream on the shallow Kansas River may sound like a walk in the park, but it’s really just a long, long walk pulling a boat. But it’s worth every blister when Scott and Jodi tour Lawrence, Kansas and vow to return again someday… when the water is higher.